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UniRun: Bangor to Sheffield

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Swapping trombones for trainers: four Trustees of the UniBrass Foundation are set to run the distance from Bangor to Sheffield in a bid to raise much needed funds for the charity.

The challenge involves running the 176km distance from Bangor University’s Pontio Arts Centre (2020 contest host) to Sheffield University’s Octagon Theatre (2021 contest host) across seven weeks, from Friday 13 November to Friday 1 January.

The target is to raise at least £1000 to support the charity’s work with university brass bands and future contests.

The disruption and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 crisis has meant the 2021 contest, due to be held at Sheffield University in February, has had to be postponed and may not be able to run in the same way as normal.

The majority of UniBrass’ annual income stems from contest ticket sales, and without guarantee of usual audience numbers, the committee has decided to do what they can - from their own homes - to raise much needed funds.

To donate to UniBrass’ fundraiser, visit the CrowdFunding page:

Donations of any size will be gratefully received. Donations over £20 will receive recognition on the UniBrass website and in the next contest programme, donations over £50 will also receive an invitation to our next drinks reception, and donations over £100 will receive a complimentary ticket to the next UniBrass contest.

About the challenge, Andy Baldacchino (UniBrass Treasurer) said: “We’re all very excited and a little bit nervous. As a novice runner with not much training I’m expecting a few sore days ahead! It's for a great cause, COVID has hit us all, but the arts sector in particular is really struggling. We’re doing this so that UniBrass can continue to be a platform for student musicians and give them something to look forward to for summer 2021.”

Keep an eye on UniBrass’ social media to follow the runners progress over the next six weeks, and please do donate to help us reach our goal.

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