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Past Contests

Past Contests

Since its founding in 2010 UniBrass has grown year on year. Going from strength to strength, the largest ever UniBrass featured 23 competing bands, from as far North as Durham, right down to Southampton. Live stream audiences have grown too, with the contest now being watched by thousands across the globe. Plus, there’s been plenty of mishaps too! From buses breaking down to students falling asleep and missing their performance, these have all added to the excitement surrounding banding’s most innovative day of the year.

Typically, UniBrass moves every two years, and after being founded at Lancaster University has moved five times:

2011-2013: Lancaster University

2014-2016: University of Warwick

2017-2018: University of York

2019-2020: Bangor University

2021-2022: University of Sheffield

2023-2024: University of Warwick

Past Results

Click on the links below to look at the results from all the past contests

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