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Our Trustees

Who we are

The UniBrass Foundation is led by a board of trustees, all of whom are passionate about promoting brass bands within universities. They are collectively responsible for running the charity and helping it meet its charitable objectives. Some of the trustees are previous members of the organising committee, whilst others have come from a diverse range of backgrounds and help promote the work of the charity.

 Trustees are elected at the Foundation’s AGM to serve for a term of 3 years, according to the UniBrass Foundation’s constitution. In addition, there are two ex-officio trustee positions which are reserved for the Chair and the Treasurer of the current organising committee, and a position for a non-voting board member, who is nominated by Brass Bands England.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee have a look at our become a trustee page

Thomas Hicken

Louisa Armitage

Sam Hartharn-Evans

James Everitt

Voirrey Baker

Sam Kail-Dyke

Katharine Slater

Peter Baumann

Kenny Crookston

BBE Nominated Board Member

Organising Committee Ex-Officio Trustees

To facilitate strong links between the trustees and the UniBrass Organising Committee, and to assist in our aim of supporting the contest, each year the chair and treasurer of the current organising committee are invited to join the board of trustees during their term:

Ianto Williams

Chair -
UniBrass Organising Committee

Emma Swift

Treasurer -
UniBrass Organising Committee

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