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UniBrass Announces Conducting Course

Updated: May 30, 2020

On Sunday 24th November, the UniBrass Foundation will be hosting a new day-long project to help student conductors develop their skills at the University of Nottingham led by Russell Grey.

With kind support from Arts Council England and Besson Instruments, the UniBrass Foundation is hosting its first conducting course aimed specifically at student conductors. The day will begin at 10:30 AM in the Beeston Rylands Community Centre in Nottingham.

The day will include the opportunity to conduct the University of Nottingham Brass Band (regular attendees of the annual UniBrass Contest) and receive tips, pointers and video review with Russell Greys expert guidance to improve both rehearsal skills and techniques.

The day will be the first course to follow the new format Conductors Development Programme created through a partnership between Brass Bands England(BBE) and the National Association of Brass Band Conductors(NABBC).Kenny Crookston, the CEO of BBE said “UniBrass and its student conductors represents the next generation of our community who will lead Brass Bands into the future so we are very pleased that UniBrass is leading the first workshop in the Conductors Development Programme. We hope that the student delegates will learn some new skills about rehearsing bands, develop their skills and take the first step onto this continual skills development programme.”

Russell who is President of the NABBC, Professional Conductor at Reg Vardy Band and regularly works with some of the best Brass Bands in the world including with Fodens with whom he won the National Brass Band championships in 2018 means the students will be taught by one of the finest conductors in the world. The University of Nottingham Brass Band has been competing in the Trophy section of the UniBrass contest since 2017, when it was first created. Working with both Russell and the University of Nottingham band on the course will give conductors the perfect chance to prepare for the 10th UniBrass contest in February 2020.

This is the first education event, outside of the contest weekend, that the UniBrass Foundation has hosted. Andy Straiton, Chairman of the UniBrass Foundation, says "This is an exciting next step in the progression of UniBrass. It is important to us that students get the opportunity to learn from artists of the highest calibre and so I hope that this will be a richly rewarding day for all those involved.”

The UniBrass Foundation is very grateful to have received funding to run the course from Arts Council England and sponsorship of course materials from Besson Instruments, which allows the course to be run at the minimum cost to students. UniBrass would also like to thank the University of Nottingham for all of the support given in organising this event.

The day costs just £10 to register and includes all course materials as well as a buffet lunch. To ensure the event is accessible to all there is an amount of money provided by the Arts Council to help subsidise travel costs for participants that may need it. Please indicate if you wish to apply for this fund on the registration form. To attend the course please buy your tickets at by Sunday 10th November 2019. Please email if you have any queries.

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