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UniBrass 2022: What we're doing to keep you safe

We want everyone who joins us for UniBrass 2022 to be safe, whether that’s performers, audience members, or our hard working volunteers. That’s why we have some regulations in place to make sure we can all enjoy the day.

If you’re planning to join us please have a read of these plans before you come. If you’re unsure about attending this year, we hope this will help to inform you and boost your confidence that the event is being run safely.

Here’s our top line information for all audience members:

  • Everyone in attendance must adhere to any and all government regulations in place at the time of the contest, as well as any regulations imposed by the host venue.

  • We encourage social distancing where possible, so that we can all continue to go about our lives safely.

  • We recommend you take a Lateral Flow Test before you attend.

  • We’re encouraging face masks in indoor or enclosed spaces unless exempt as they’re our best protection from spreading the virus. We’ll have some disposable masks available if you need.

  • We are, of course, aware that some people – including those who lip read – may struggle with masks and we will do what is necessary to communicate best with all our attendees.

  • As usual, please wash your hands and use sanitiser regularly.

If you do test positive within 5 days of attending UniBrass, we ask that you please let us know by emailing

If you’re attending as a performer, staff member, or volunteer. This is what you need to know:

  • Those involved in the contest must take two lateral flows within 72 hours before the contest, spaced at least 24 hours apart. You’ll need proof of a negative test within 24 hours to take part. Please report your result on the GOV.UK website or through a relevant university system.

  • On arrival all performers/staff/volunteers will go through a screening process so please allow time for this. We’ll check you have no reason to believe you may have Covid, that you’ve taken an LFT, and that you’re aware of the Covid protocols.

  • We’ll need you to wear a face covering (unless exempt) during this screening process, to keep our team safe.

  • Facemasks must be worn at all times backstage, except when playing in the warm up/rehearsal room.

  • We’re going to minimise the number of people involved in set up to support distancing where possible.

  • If you’re staying overnight, please try to distance as much as possible from other groups and also wear a face mask in the accommodation except when sleeping.

  • If any band member does not follow our event Covid protocols they may be asked to leave and disqualified. If your university has any additional rules you should also follow these and make the UniBrass team aware of them.

You can read our full Covid protocols on our website. We hope you have a happy and safe time at #UniBrass22

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