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Join a Band this Freshers!

Moving to university is a busy and exciting time, but one of the great opportunities available is joining a university brass band and meeting like-minded people, whilst enjoying playing great music. We asked Anna, our Volunteer Coordinator for UniBrass 2022, and a fresher in September 2020 for her experiences joining the University of Sheffield Brass Band:

"Getting involved with band last year was both super scary and also one of the best things I did all year! The band here is so welcoming and has such a lovely atmosphere, every time I awkwardly joined a zoom call everybody said hello, asked me how my week had been and made me feel appreciated! When we then had in-person rehearsals at the end of the year, which were so much fun and such a friendly environment to play in, I already knew everyone and felt so relaxed around the people I’d only ever spoken to on a zoom call!"

"Because of everything going on with Covid the only way to get involved with band was to join zoom calls with people I’d never met. I won’t lie, it was quite awkward but if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have met so many incredible people or made such good friends! "

Being part of a university band is a great way to keep playing at university, meet like-minded people and make the most of the opportunities at university. Most bands are unauditioned, and accept students from all courses, although some audition for seats.

"If I had a top tip I would say don’t be worried about ability or it being awkward because everyone in band will welcome you with open arms, we just want to get to know you and can’t wait to have you play with us!"

Your university will have a freshers fair in the first few week of term and this is where you get the opportunity to meet representatives of your brass band. Most bands will then hold a taster rehearsal which you can attend and get involved! You will also be able to find details of their taster rehearsals on their website or social media - you can find links to these on our list of university bands. We hope to see you at UniBrass 2022 on Saturday 5th February - just don't forget to pack your instrument!

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