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The UniBrass Foundation

Unlocking the Power of University Brass Banding

As a registered charity in England and Wales, the UniBrass Foundation is devoted to supporting brass banding at the university level. We understand the incredible impact that brass band music-making activities have on health and well-being, especially during the often demanding and stressful university studies.

Our work aims to bridge the gap between music-making at the school level and continued participation in music after university. We firmly believe that university brass banding is vital for sustaining the rich heritage of the brass band movement. Additionally, it serves as a catalyst for young individuals to develop invaluable skills that transcend their musical endeavors, benefiting other areas of their lives and future careers.

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What we are doing

The UniBrass Foundation aims to:

  • Ensure the longevity of brass bands by focusing on continued engagement with brass bands at university level

  • Innovate as an organisation, and encourage the wider sector to follow us

  • Advocate for brass banding within the arts community, arts at universities, and for students and arts in wider society

Read how we do this in Our Values

Our Recent Work

Our work has led to a number of new university bands being set up, and many more thriving. The contest has also encouraged the writing of over 20 new compositions for brass band, signs that the contest is providing a platform to encourage new brass banding talent to flourish. 

In recent years the Foundation has run a Student Conducting Course, summer school, COVID support sessions for university brass bands and more. Each year, our work is summarised in our Trustees Annual Report and Accounts, available from the Charity Commission

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Support Us

We rely on donations and the work of volunteers to do our work. Find out how you can help us support the future of brass banding, whether that's by volunteering, helping us by spreading the word, donating, "give as you shop" options, or joining our lottery. 

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