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Shield Section

Shield Section Livestream

Taking place in the Drama Studio, the Shield Section will be adjudicated by Jayne Murrill and Jack Capstaff. The Shield Section stream starts at 10:15.

Watch the Shield Section streamed by our partners for £5, which provides access to the full contest stream for a week

Shield Schedule

The schedule for the Shield Section is:

  1. Lancaster (10:15)

  2. Leeds (10:50)

  3. Durham (11:25)

  4. Cambridge (12:00)

  5. Oxford (12:35)

  6. Cardiff (14:05)

  7. Southampton (14:40)

  8. Royal Holloway (15:15)

  9. Keele (15:50)

  10. York (16:25) 

  11. King's College London (17:00)

There will be a 1 hour 10 minutes lunch break in between Oxford and Cardiff's performances.

Support Us

Our annual UniBrass entertainments contest offers students a much needed place to perform and come together, and for audiences to enjoy high quality brass banding entertainment. To support our work, please consider making a donation to UniBrass:

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