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2024 Initial Booking Form

Section 1: Players, BBCA

May be an estimate at this stage, must be as accurate as possible, please do not enter ranges *

Does your band wish to receive feedback from the Brass Band Conductor's Association?

Section 2: Accommodation & Accessibility

Friday Accommodation - 16th

Does your band require Friday night accommodation pre-contest?

Friday accommodation

Saturday Accommodation - 17th

Does your band require Saturday night accommodation post-contest?

Saturday accommodation

Section 3: Percussion & Tech

Please list all percussion your band requires. Any non-standard percussion cannot be guaranteed to be provided by UniBrass - band would have to provide your own. We will be in touch in any such cases.

Please enter any general technical requests - this is for information only and to check the feasibility - nothing entered here is indication of approval. We will be in touch if there are any questions, concerns, or issues.

Thanks for submitting!

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