What We Do

The UniBrass Foundation’s work is currently focused around four main objectives:

1) Providing support to the UniBrass organising committee, and running long-term aspects of the contest.

The Foundation trustees have all served on previous organising committees, meaning they are well-placed to offer advice and support to the current committee if they need it. A key part of the role involves acting as volunteers at the UniBrass contest itself, which can help keep the contest running smoothly when the organising committee’s band are on stage. The Foundation also runs parts of the contest that require a more long-term view, for example the transfer of hosting between different universities, and ensuring the contest is financially viable for the future.

2) Organising other events to complement UniBrass throughout the year, and helping to publicise the aims of UniBrass.

The long-term vision of the Foundation is that they will provide more than one event to bring together university bands over the course of the year. For the last couple of years the Foundation has organised a UniBrass carolling event; this was hosted in Manchester, and then moved to York last year. The Foundation will also have a trade stall presence alongside the main organising committee at the National Youth Brass Band Championships this year, providing information about the contest and the Foundation. This presence will hopefully be extended to other contests in future years.

3) Providing support to existing university brass bands and helping them to improve their music making.

The UniBrass Foundation aims to be available to provide support of any kind to any university brass band that requires it, whether this involves providing advice, or something more substantial. The Foundation also has a number of projects in development aimed at university bands; more details of these will be released later this year!

4) Encouraging the creation of new university brass bands.

The creation of new university brass bands was a founding aim of the UniBrass contest, and one which has been very successful so far. The Foundation trustees have multiple years of experience in running brass bands, and are therefore ideally placed to offer advice to to anyone looking to set up a new band. We are also looking at creating a guide to creating a new university band, with advice from the founders of previous bands, alongside others projects that might offer new bands an instant benefit.

We would welcome contact from anyone who might be interested in setting up a new university band ; we can support you through the entire process, and would love to help you out!