The 2016 Contest was held on Saturday 20th February at the University of Warwick, and was adjudicated by Russel Grey and Frank Renton. The contest was won by the University of Manchester. The full results are as follows:

 Total PointsPoints BreakdownBand (Conductor)
114698, 48, 0University of Manchester Brass Band (James Keirle)
214397, 47, 1The Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band (Ian Porthouse)
313995, 45, 1The University of Nottingham Brass Band (Matt Husbands/Kieren Williams)
413794, 43, 0Queen's University Belfast Brass Band (Niall Catney)
513694, 42, 0The University of Birmingham Brass Band (Stuart Birnie)
613592, 43The University of Warwick Brass Band (Simon Hogg)
713392, 42, 1Cardiff University Brass Band (Andrew Wareham)
813391, 42, 0Bangor University Brass Band (Guto Pugh)
913189, 42, 0Southampton University Brass Band(Daniel Laverick)
1013088, 42, 0The University of Sheffield Brass Band (Duncan Beckley)
1112990, 42, 3The University of Huddersfield Brass Band (Jonathan Beatty)
1212988, 41, 0Lancaster University Brass Band (Ashley Wicks)
1312888, 40, 0Cambridge University Brass Band (Matthew Waterson)
1412787, 40, 0Leeds University Union Music Society Brass Band (James Hobbis)
1512686, 40, 0The University of York Brass Band (Ross Gubby)
1612585, 40, 0The University of Bristol Brass Band (Peter Simmons)
1712485, 39, 0Keele University Brass Band (Alistair Gibson)
1812385, 38, 0Durham University Brass Band (Matthew Ruddock)
1912285, 37, 0Oxford University Brass Band (Steve Sizeland)

Points breakdown is in the format [musicality, entertainment, time deduction]. Total scores were calculated taking time penalties into account. In the event of a tie, music points were taken over entertainment points.

Additional Categories

Best SoloistBen Hale (Trumpet) - University of Manchester
Best MarchBirmingham Conservatoire
Best PercussionBirmingham Conservatoire
Most Improved BandCardiff University
Most Entertaining BandUniversity of Manchester
Best Student Composition'The Deep' (Andy Wareham) - Cardiff University
Best Student ConductorJames Keirle (University of Manchester)