The 2018 Contest was hosted by the University of York and held on Saturday 17th February at the York Barbican. This was the biggest ever UniBrass contest featuring 21 bands!
Total scores were calculated taking time penalties into account. In the event of a tie, music points were taken over entertainment points.
The full results are as follows:

Trophy Section

The Trophy section was adjudicated by Alex Kenyon and Sandy Smith and was won by The Royal Northern College of Music.

 PointsBand (Conductor)
1146Royal Northern College of Music (Alexander Webb)
2140Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band (Ian Porthouse)
3137The University of Huddersfield Brass Band (Jonathan Beatty)
4131University of Manchester Brass Band (James Heathcote)
5127The University of Birmingham Brass Band (Stuart Birnie)
6126The University of Nottingham Brass Band (George Newbould/Tom Peterken)
7126*The University of Warwick Brass Band (Paul McGrath)
8124Durham University Brass Band (Jonathan Fenwick)
9120 **The University of Sheffield Brass Band (Lee Dunkley)
10120Bangor University Brass Band (Elspeth Malcolm)

*The University of Warwick was deducted 4 points for a time infringement
**The University of Sheffield was deducted 1 point for a time infringement

Additional Categories

Best Solo/FeatureAdam Bokaris (Euphonium) Cottonopolis - Royal Northern College of Music
Best MarchRoyal Northern College of Music - ORB
Most EntertainingRoyal Northern College of Music
Best Student ConductorAlexander Webb - Royal Northern College of Music
Best Percussion SectionRoyal Birmingham Conservatoire

Shield Section

The Shield section was adjudicated by Chris Bradley and Helen Varley and was won by The University of Bristol.

 PointsBand (Conductor)
1145The University of Bristol Brass Band (Zak Eastrop)
2142Leeds University Union Music Society Brass Band (Connor Stanford)
3140The University of Chichester Brass Band (Emma Button)
4139Lancaster University Brass Band (Georgia Williams)
5138Southampton University Brass Band (Will Wilkins)
6135Cambridge University Brass Band (Robert Turnbull)
7133Keele University Brass Band (Katharine Slater)
8132*The University of York Brass Band (Prachvith Sean Intarasuwan)
9132Cardiff University (Robert Stevens/Jack Brookes)
10131Oxford University Brass Band (Myrddin Rees Davies)
11130Nottingham Trent University Brass Band (Peter Lacey/Joel Moore)

* The University of York were deducted 4 points for a time infringement

Additional Categories

Best Solo/FeatureJacob Smith (Euphonium) Rhapsody for Euphonium - Leeds University
Best MarchNottingham Trent University - Aces High
Most EntertainingCambridge University Brass Band
Best Student ConductorPrachvith Sean Intarasuwan - University of York
Best Percussion SectionNottingham Trent University Brass Band

Composition Award

Best Student Composition was judged over both sections, and was won by Owen Russell from the University of York for I love my love