The 2015 Contest was held on Saturday 14th February at the University of Warwick, and was adjudicated by Richard Jones and Les Neish. The contest was won by the University of Manchester. The full results are as follows:

 Points (Time deduction)Band (Conductor)
1124University of Manchester Brass Band (Jonathan Evans)
2116University of Huddersfield Brass Band (Jonathan Beatty)
3102Durham University Brass Band (Lewis Wilkinson)
499Lancaster University Brass Band (Chris Osborn)
593University of Nottingham Brass Band (Adam Edwards and Chris Blunt)
692University of Birmingham Brass Band (Stuart Birnie)
788University of Warwick Brass Band (Simon Hogg)
884 (-3)Southampton University Brass Band (Daniel James Laverick)
984Leeds University Brass Band (Sam Watson)
1081Keele University Brass Band (Nigel Butler)
1180Bangor University Brass Band (Callum Wilson)
1277 (-2)University of York Brass Band (Ryan Durkan)
1377Oxford University Brass Band (Oxford and Oxford Brookes - Ben Horton)
1476University of Cambridge Brass Band (Adam Waterson and Matthew Waterson)
1574University of Sheffield Brass Band (Lewis Squires)
1670Cardiff University Brass Band (Elan Higueras and Andy Wareham)
1764 (-2)University of Bristol Brass Band (William Whiting)

These were the final scores after the time penalties were applied. Any penalties are shown in brackets. In the event of a tie, music points were taken over entertainment points.

Additional Categories

Best Solo/FeatureIlliam Quane (Cornet-University of Manchester Brass Band) - My Mountain Top
Best MarchJubilee! - University of Huddersfield Brass Band
Most EntertainingUniversity of Manchester Brass Band
Most ImprovedLancaster University Brass Band
Best Student ConductorJonathan Evans (University of Manchester Brass Band)
Best Student CompositionJacob Ashworth (Keele University Brass Band) - The Penguin Hop
Best Percussion SectionUniversity of Huddersfield Brass Band