The 2014 Contest was held on Saturday 15th February at the University of Warwick, and was adjudicated by Mike Fowles and Tom Davoren. The contest was won by Huddersfield University. The full results are as follows:

 PointsBand (Conductor)
1133Huddersfield University (Jonathan Beatty)
2132University of Manchester Brass Band (Jonathan Evans)
3128University of York Brass Band (Leo Conroy)
4*126University of Warwick Brass Society (Simon Hogg)
5*126Cardiff University Brass Band (David Langley and Andrew Mitchell)
6123University of Sheffield Brass Band (Gregory Waters)
7120Durham University Brass Band (Andrew Forsythe)
8117Southampton University Brass Band (Daniel Laverick and Phil Draisey)
9*112Bangor University Brass Band (Meurig Jenkins)
10*112Oxford University Brass Band (Oxford and Oxford Brookes - Daniel Moore)
11110Keele University Brass Band (James Butterworth-Smith)
12*108Lancaster University Brass Band (Chris Wadeson)
13*108Hull University Music Society Brass Band (Elizabeth Hartley)
14103University of Birmingham Brass Band (Christopher Sheldrake)


*Where points were tied music points were taken over entertainment points.

Best Solo/FeatureDaniel Morgan (Euphonium-University of Sheffield Brass Band) - Brilliante
Best MarchThe Red Shield - University of Warwick Brass
Most EntertainingUniversity of York Brass Band
Most ImprovedDurham University Brass Band
Best Original CompositionDave Collins (Durham University Brass Band) - The Lambton Worm