The 2013 Contest was held on Saturday 16th February at Lancaster University, and was adjudicated by David Childs and David Horsfield. The contest was won by Huddersfield University. The full results are as follows:


 PointsBand (Conductor)
1144Huddersfield (Jonathan Beatty)
2141University of Manchester Brass Band (Jonathan Evans)
3140University of York Brass Band (Leo Conroy)
4139University of Cardiff (Martin Humphries)
5135University of Southampton (Daniel Laverick and Nicholas Bromilow)
6*130University of Warwick (Simon Hogg)
7*130University of Lancaster (Christopher Osborn)
8125 University of Keele (John Watson)
9121University of Hull (Ian Walshaw)
10120University of Birmingham (Edward Mylechreest)
11116University of Bangor (Meurig Jenkins)
12113University of Oxford (Gareth Coulson)
13109University of Cambridge (Tristan Harkcom)
14103University of Durham (Dave Collins)

*Where points were tied music points were taken over entertainment points.

Additional Categories

Best Solo/Feature'Liszteria' - Huddersfield University
Best March'Praise' - Manchester University
Most EntertainingHuddersfield University
Best Student ConductorMartin Humphries - Cardiff University