The 2011 Contest was held on Saturday 19th February at Lancaster University, and was adjudicated by Richard Evans and Alan Fernie. The contest was won by Brass United, which was a combined band from the Royal Northern College of Music and The University of Manchester. The full results are as follows:

 PointsBand (Conductor)
1140Brass United [RNCM & University of Manchester] (Adam Cooke)
2135Huddersfield University (Jonathan Beatty)
3134Cardiff University (Jeremy Meddows-Taylor and Martin Humphries)
4131University of Birmingham (James Woolliscroft)
5126Keele University (John Watson)
6125Oxford University (David Jones)
7123Lancaster University (Max Stannard)
8119Edinburgh University (Angus Tully)
9*118Cambridge University (Peter Edwards)
10*118Southampton University (Stephen Shepard)
11*118Bangor University (Meurig Jenkins)
12117University of York (Timothy Alston)


*Where points were tied music points were taken over entertainment points.

Additional Categories

Best Solo/FeatureMatthew White (Euphonium - Brass United) - Bravura
Best MarchLiberty Bell - University of Birmingham
Most EntertainingBrass United