The Committee

The committee are responsible for running UniBrass, both in public and behind the scenes. Without their hard work and dedication, UniBrass would not be able to run each year at all, let alone be the spectacular event that it is.

If you want to get in contact with the committee, head over to the “Contact” page.

2018 Committee

Chair – Chris Baldwin
Going into the third year of his Chemistry degree at the University of York, Chris has been playing brass instruments since the age of 5. Initially starting on trumpet with the South Derbyshire Music Centre, at the age of 15 Chris made the move onto Eb Bass, a transition that was helped along by his tuba playing brother. He soon got involved with the Derbyshire City and County Youth Wind Band and Youth Orchestra, occupying the principal Tuba seat for two years including a tour to Japan in 2013.

His first introduction to the world of brass band contests was in 2013 with the first section Gresley Colliery Band, where he remained until coming to university. Since making the move to York Chris has joined the top section York Railway Institute Band. Within the university, Chris is involved with several ensembles, and after filling the Event Coordinator role on the 2017 UniBrass committee he was keen to get more involved as 2018 UniBrass chair.

Secretary – Katherine Bradshaw
Katherine is a BA Archaeology student at the University of York. Hailing from Durham, she started playing trombone at the age of eight and has played in a range of ensembles from street band to orchestra. Her participation in brass bands started with Lanchester Brass Band in 2012 (where she has since played every possible trombone part!), but stems from a lifetime of influence through her family’s involvement and County Durham’s great brass band scene. Amongst university ensembles, Katherine most enjoys playing for shows and, of course, the University of York Brass Band (for which she is also a committee member). She hopes UniBrass 2018 will contribute to the ongoing growth of university brass banding.

Treasurer – Yvonne Billard
Yvonne is a second year chemistry student at the University of York. She currently holds the 1st baritone seat in the championship section York Railway Institute Band, which she joined after coming to university. However she remains a euphonium player at heart, having played the instrument since the age of 9. Having played in various brass band contests for several years, she was keen to become more involved in their organisation by joining the UniBrass 2018 committee.

Contest Secretary – Ed Hathaway
Bass trombonist Ed is studying for a BEng in Computer Science, and will graduate this year (with any luck). Ed was the webmaster last year, but he wanted to be more involved this time round as he is returning to York after working in Oxford for the last year. Ed’s musical education started on piano in 2002 at the age of 6, before he moved to trumpet in 2006. After a year of learning, he was introduced to the brass band movement. After two rehearsals on the trumpet, he decided to mess around on a trombone and never looked back. In addition to the University of York Brass Band, Ed enjoys playing in the University of York Big Band, Wind Band and various show bands, including a university production of “Sweet Charity” and the premiere of “The Tree of War”, written by a York alumnus.

Marketing – Hazel Matthews
Hazel will be starting the second year of her Music degree at the University of York in September 2017. After taking up the Piano aged six and the trumpet at nine years old, she has since achieved grade 8 in both instruments. Aside from performing as a piano soloist, Hazel has been involved in many ensembles in her home of the Isle of Man. Her roles of principal trumpet of the Manx Youth Orchestra and soprano cornet in Rushen Silver Band have allowed her to play in Scotland, France and Belgium. She has also played the cornet for the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland. At University, Hazel plays the trumpet and sings in a variety of ensembles. She is excited to be a member of the Marketing team for UniBrass 2018.

Marketing – Amelia Guinchard-Cox
Amelia is studying Politics at York. She started playing French horn at the age of 8 and has played in a variety of ensembles and orchestras, including the South West Youth Wind Sinfonia and the North Somerset Centre for Young Musicians. After starting at the University of York in 2015, Amelia joined the University of York Brass Band and soon began playing tenor horn. This was her first introduction to the world of brass banding, which she is excited to learn more about as part of this year’s committee.

Education & Outreach – Hannah Furnival-Jones
Hannah studies History and Philosophy at the University of York. Originally from Sheffield, Hannah grew up singing, and first came into contact with brass through her dad’s beastly Sousaphone. She took up the trombone at the age of 14, and it was through the University of York Brass Band that she was happily introduced into the brass banding world. UniBrass 2017 was the first major banding event Hannah took part, and she loved it! She can’t wait to be a part of this year’s team.

Technical – Edward Robson
Edward is a BEng Electronic with Music Technology student at the University of York. Having studied trombone and vocal studies since the age of eight and acquiring Grade 8 in both disciplines, Edward has enjoyed a music-filled youth from playing in various Brass Bands, Big Bands and Orchestras in and around County Durham, to travelling Europe with his own band. Edward’s interest for banding started after spending a year with Lanchester Brass Band in 2014. Edward now enjoys performing in musical shows and as always, filling in for the occasional Brass Band concert. Having volunteered for Unibrass 2017, Edward is thoroughly looking forward to his time with the UniBrass committee and hoping to help make this year’s event as memorable as the last.

Volunteer Coordinator – Amy Pezet
Amy, as a second year Music student at the University of York, is very used to the concept of performing, volunteering and running events. Amy has limited brass band experience having only played in Hertfordshire Youth Brass Band for two years before coming to university. Amy originally trained on the French horn, before transitioning to the tenor horn; she also plays piano, percussion and sings to degree standard. During her two years at university, Amy has been on multiple committees, organised events, and been part of production teams in many different roles for many different societies. This has given her a good idea of what makes a good team and how best to get the most of of people, skills she is very excited to put to the test when she is put in charge of running the volunteers for UniBrass 2018. Amy is really looking forward to the event and being a member of the UniBrass committee on the whole.

Event Coordinator – Kathryn Hill
Kathryn is in her fourth year studying Chemistry at the University of York, although is doing her Masters year in industry. She started playing cornet at the age of 10, and soon moved on to tenor horn. She joined Rushden Town Band aged 11, and has also been a member of Bishop Stopford School Brass Band, Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band and Boobs and Brass, playing in many prestigious venues across the country and attending different brass band contests, such as the National Youth Championships, the National Brass Band Championships and the European Youth Championships. Since joining the University of York in 2014, Kathryn has been a member of the University of York Brass Band on Solo Horn. As well as being a keen brass bander, Kathryn has been a member of various choirs. Kathryn was on the UniBrass 2017 Committee as a Marketing Officer.

Event Coordinator – Bea Rix
Bea is a Genetics student at the University of York, where she entered the brass banding world by joining the University of York Brass Band. She has played tenor horn since she was 10 and acquired grade 8 in both tenor horn and piano. Multiple school holidays were spent playing in the Bedfordshire Youth Concert Band, but brass banding is what she now prefers! UniBrass 2017 was her first experience of brass banding contests, and she enjoyed it so much that she joined the UniBrass 2018 committee.