The Contest

UniBrass is the University Brass Band Championship of Great Britain. It is held annually, run by students for students. Every year we see university bands competing against each other to win the prestigious title of champion university brass band. The contest is an entertainment contest where bands are judged both on their musical ability and how entertaining they are. UniBrass is the only contest of its kind in the world, forging strong links between universities whilst keeping brass players involved in live music.

Since its founding in 2011 UniBrass has grown year on year. In 2018 there were competitors from 21 different universities from as far North as Durham right down to Southampton. On the day of the 2018 event over 13,000 people were engaged through participation and watching live or online. Our online social media reached a further 230,000 people through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

For 2019 UniBrass will be organised by students from Bangor University. Check back here for more information

To find out more about the history of UniBrass have a look at our history page.

Details of the 2019 contest are available here.

You can also find out about the UniBrass rules, organising committee and our sponsors by clicking the appropriate link.