UniBrass Travels to the National Youth Championships

Just over a month after the phenomenal 2017 contest in Harrogate, the UniBrass team are regrouping and heading out to the National Youth Brass Band Championships, held by Brass Bands England. New and old members of the organising committee will be volunteering backstage throughout the contest day on April 2nd, continuing UniBrass’ proud tradition of supporting the wider banding community.

This year’s Youth Championships are taking place at the University of Salford, held over four sections: Beginners (aged 11 and under), Junior (16 and under), Intermediate and Championship. Bands competing in the Intermediate and Championship sections will perform a set test piece, “Smoke Sketches” by Daniel Hall (Intermediate) or “Penlee” by Simon Dobson (Championship). Monetary prizes of up to £350 will be presented to the top three bands in all sections except Beginners, with further awards up for grabs for the best instrumentalists. The Beginners section will name the Band of the Day, and the band with the most potential.

UniBrass attended many brass band contests in the run-up to UniBrass 2017, among which the Youth Championships was undoubtedly a highlight. All who attended were impressed by the smooth running of the event, and came away with a great deal of inspiration for running the UniBrass Championships. The relationship between BBE and UniBrass has remained strong over the past year, particularly in their mutual support for youth banding.


As preparations for the 2018 contest begin, several new student volunteers from the University of York have joined the UniBrass organising committee. One such newcomer is Beatrice Rix, who is looking forward to helping out at a banding contest for the first time: “I am relatively new to brass banding, with UniBrass 2017 being the first competition I attended. I’m looking forward to helping at the Youth Championships to learn more about the brass banding world and what it takes to help run a brilliant event.”

Chris Baldwin, incoming Chair of the UniBrass committee, is also excited to be involved in the Youth Championships once more: “I have no doubt this will be an invaluable experience for new members of the 2018 committee as an insight into the running of a brass band contest, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of UniBrass within the banding community.”

Tickets are available for the National Youth Brass Band Championships here: https://bbe.yapsody.com/event/index/62123/national-youth-brass-band-championships. Search for “UniBrass” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the world’s only inter-university brass band contest!