2017 Crowdfunder

The UniBrass Crowdfunder, running over the Christmas period, is aiming to raise funds to cover the cost of hiring the Harrogate International Centre. It was easy to conclude that the Harrogate International Centre will be the perfect venue to play and enjoy brass music, and with your help we can make our vision of UniBrass at the HIC a reality.

Last year, the Crowdfunder managed to raise over £500 for UniBrass 2016 and this year we hope to match or even exceed this impressive feat. A variety of rewards are available for donors at different price-points, ranging from your name featuring in the UniBrass programme all the way to the opportunity to present one of the awards to the winning soloist, conductor, composer or other prize winner.

The UniBrass committee will be out carolling over the holiday season, so keep an eye out for regular updates as the Crowdfunder progresses!

To donate visit unib.co.uk/fund!